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SCHOOL 4 ROCK have been around for over 10 years with almost all our tutors having played live and recorded with many artists for 20+ years and we base ourselves on results. Some of the artists that our tutors have sessioned with have included ARIA and international musicians... Alice Cooper ( Promotional Tour Sessions )
Kate Ceberano
Numerous Cover Bands & Tribute Shows
R Wilson
Daryl Braithwaite Tour
John Farnham
Greg Macainish ( Skyhooks ) As our school name suggests, we love the ROCK genre but we never stop listening to all styles. We encourage all our students to tell us their favourite musician. BUT... The first lesson we give is " find out who your favourite musician's influences where" , that way you can create your own perception and own style. MUSIC We have tutors that play & teach piano/keyboards, guitar ( acoustic and electric ). We also teach bass guitar too. Its a must that all tutors are teach in all categories and at times they bring another instrument along with the lessons to encourage an understanding of how they all can interact. WORK We also run a multimedia business that has serviced the industry in video production, animation, IT, online broadcasting, live sports. Projects currently produced are an international Music Show and a Music show showcasing local unsigned talent. Our clients have included SBS TV, Telstra, KFC, Foxtel, WCW/WWE wrestling tours, AFL clubs, A-League Football, Outdoor Festivals. We have accredited teachers and have lectured Audio & Visual in many schools. Each tutor also holds a current Working with Children's Card. ETHIC SCHOOL 4 ROCK have a vested interest in the local music scene and strive in seeing the next great local band or next intriguing musician "break through" in the industry. We have been involved in ventures from 3RRR, C31, FOXTEL and locally produced programming in TV Cable & Radio.

LIVE ( Live Performance )

STUDIO ( Guitar Session )

❯ Featuring Jimmy Cupples ( The VOICE )

❯ Help - The Beatles

❯ Pre Production CD Single

❯ Lovin' The Way

SOLO ( Electric Guitar )

ACOUSTIC ( Classical )

❯ Guitar Solo Interpretation

❯ Eruption - Van Halen

❯ Guitar Interpretation

❯ Dee - Randy Rhoads

"We believe every guitar player inherently has something unique about their playing. They just have to identify what makes them different and develop it."

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School 4 ROCK is a music school located in Melbourne's West, and NOW servicing various areas across Melbourne.


We cater especially to the popular genre of POP & ROCK.


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